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The Post-Construction Process


Your project is not finished when the construction is done, and neither are we! After all the drywall is hung, all the nails hammered in, and all the paint dried, Scott Dennett Construction will make sure your project meets your expectations and needs. Post-construction involves going through a series of checklists to make sure every part of the building project is completed, functional, and looks great. Once every box is checked and every stakeholder has signed off on the work, we hand the building over ready for occupancy!

Even after you have moved back into your building, you may find something that wasn’t apparent during the close-out process. Scott Dennett Construction remains on call to repair or replace any faulty issues with the work we did, giving you peace of mind. You can rest assured that Dennett Construction will provide the best work and guarantee that our service meets and exceeds your expectations.

We can also advise you on future projects such as continued remodeling, building an addition, or new construction. Since we’re already familiar with your company and needs, there’s no one better to partner with for future projects!

  • Walk through completed project to obtain punch list. Punch list items will be resolved promptly.
  • Obtain final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Put together close-out documents, including warranties, operation and maintenance manuals.
  • We will remain available to our client should any problems or questions arise.