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The Construction Process


Construction is our bread and butter. After the plans have been created and approved, there needs to be someone who can put those plans into action. Scott Dennett Construction starts by generating work schedules for our crews, subcontractors, and city officials to ensure a smooth and quick construction timeline.

Throughout the entire construction phase, we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the work is progressing as needed, giving regular updates so that nobody is left in the dark. Our decades of experience gives us an advantage over the competition: we have refined our processes for efficiency and built partnerships with developers, subcontractors, and inspectors.

  • Generate work schedules for client information and subcontractor coordination.
  • Follow the plan that was laid out in the pre-construction phase.
  • Work closely with client and property managers, if applicable, to ensure needs are met and communication lines are open.
  • Respond to and manage requests for information (RFIs).
  • Safety and quality are the most important aspects of each and every project and are never compromised in the interest of time or cost.
  • Call in and coordinate inspections with city officials.